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Tornesch Surface Technology

Your Efficient Partner for All Aspects of Aluminium and Steel Surface Finishing

As a DIN ISO 9001 certified company with more than 25 years of experience and know-how, we specialise in the surface finishing of aluminium.

We offer various technologies such as colourless anodising and immersion dyeing with a wide range of colours constantly available, mainly for components used in military technology, naval technology and aerospace. Our services also include the partial refinement of aluminium components as a combined process of chromating and anodising. Furthermore, we offer yellow chromating and Reach-compliant colourless passivation of aluminium with SurTec 650, as well as the processes of pickling, passivating and electropolishing stainless steel.

With our modern system with a capacity of several million parts per year, we can machine parts with dimensions of 2000mm length, 600mm width and 1000mm depth.

The continuous bath control in our laboratory and permanent quality controls with layer thickness testing, checking of fits and visual inspections guarantee the highest quality standards from the first piece to the last.

Our reliable pick-up and delivery system completes our range of services

High adherence to delivery dates, flexibility and quality distinguish us and establish our good reputation with our national and international customers. Below are the procedures we use:

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