Electropolishing of aluminium surfaces

Electrolytic polishing/smoothing.

Electropolishing can be used to produce smooth, shiny surfaces on metallic substrates. Electropolished surfaces have a highly aesthetic appearance, which visually enhances the part. This surface meets the highest quality standards. Other terms for this process are electrolytic polishing or levelling and deburring.


Electropolishing explained at a glance

The anodically switched component is polished by the action of a material-specific electrolyte. The removal takes place over the entire piece and preferably extends to the rough edges. The surface is removed in the micro range and thus becomes smooth and shiny.

The structure in the macro area is retained but is smoothed and rounded on the surface regardless of the shape. Thanks to this process, corners and edges are reduced further, which results in fine deburring. Components such as pipes that are also to be polished inside must be provided with an inner cathode during the process.

Electrolytic polishing/smoothing

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Electropolishing of aluminium surfaces