Glass Bead Blasting

Aluminum has many useful properties and with the right surface treatment, it also looks good. Glass bead blasting before anodizing creates an elegant matte finish on the component. The technique can be used for many applications, such as in medical equipment manufacturing.

With Glass Bead Blasting to a Silky-matt Surface

Glass bead blasting is a mechanical process in which various materials with different grain size and hardness can be used, similar to sand blasting. The choice of materials depends on what alloy the workpiece is made of, as they react differently to the treatment.

This is how glass bead blasting works:

Special Surface Refining

Glass bead blasting is usually used as an intermediate step before anodizing. If you want a special finish, the parts can also be given a chemical shine afterwards. This makes the effect particularly elegant.
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Glass Bead Blasting