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Versatility and expertise

With more than 25 years of experience and expert knowledge, we are a DIN ISO 9001 certified company specialising in aluminium surface finishing. Our services also include stainless steel pickling, stainless steel passivation and stainless steel electropolishing .

Very resistant, stable and also light in weight, aluminium is mainly used for components in military technology, marine technology and the aerospace industry. Our service portfolio also includes colourless aluminium anodising, aluminium dip dyeing with a wide range of colours, and the partial refinement of aluminium components as a combined process of chromating and anodising.

From Tornesch to all over the world

Our process of yellow chromating aluminium provides corrosion protection, a primer for organic coatings and electrical conductivity. We also offer the innovative Reach-compliant chrome-free passivation using SurTec 650, which provides corrosion protection comparable to yellow chromating aluminium.

After surface finishing in our state-of-the-art plant, several million aluminium and stainless steel components leave the factory in Tornesch near Hamburg and are shipped all over the world. Our plant is capable of processing aluminium and stainless steel with dimensions of 2000 mm in length, 600 mm in width and 1000 mm in depth. Permanent quality control comprising layer thickness inspection, fit inspection and visual inspection combined with continuous bath inspection ensures the highest quality standards - from the first piece to the last.

A quality service

Just a few kilometres from the port of Hamburg and Hamburg airport, OTT benefits from excellent infrastructure, especially for international delivery and shipping (OTT pick-up and delivery service).

We are distinguished by our high adherence to delivery dates, flexibility and quality and these have established our good reputation with both national and international customers. Now, take a detailed look at the processes we use.

A closer look at what we do


For anodic oxidation, the component to be treated is placed in an electrically conductive liquid (electrolyte), where it is connected as an anode to a DC voltage source.


Chromating is a process in electroplating that acts as an independent protection against corrosion and as a primer for metals. It is an electroless, chemical surface treatment with solutions made of chromium salts.


Pickling removes a thin layer metallic layer from the steel surface. A mixture of nitric and hydrofluoric acid is usually used to pickle stainless steel.


Electropolishing can be used to produce smooth, shiny surfaces on metallic substrates. Electropolished surfaces have a highly aesthetic appearance, which visually enhances the part.